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Wed, 01 Sep 2004

Earlier agenda next time - 18:37
I put a few items on the agenda for our next lca meeting last night. Talking with Michael Still I decided not to add more this time and we can simply concentrate on getting these few items done, plus our open action items.

One thing of note here, Michael had the view that it appears there are a lot of us meeting fairly often and not getting a whole lot done. Part of this may be because we have a large group of people all rocking up and there really is not a huge amount of work to be done for the conference right now. Another aspect could be I am not managing the people resources as well as I should. Also I may not be delegating and trusting others enough, I really need to find ways to ensure all the lca crew members feel it is their linux conference and if they write announcements and other items in their style without me hanging over their shoulders it may help a lot.

The thing I really need to make time to do tomorrow is to start sending out the updated cfp notice to as many places as possible. Oh yeah anyone who hasnt yet, please submit to our cfp.

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Trying to be fair to students with a few doing damage. - 10:49
So we have been watching the traffic a bit on our student networks and have noticed that some students are using ssh tunnels to download huge amounts of data over the fat pipe the uni has. Considering we have ssh open and most other ports closed one would hope the students did not abuse this. Too much to hope for I guess.

We could block ssh entirely to the student networks however that is not a good thing as students should be able to log on and do work from remote locations.

The solution we are looking at is accounting for all student traffic on both incoming and outgoing such that ssh is blocked to all but one machine. Then on this one machine we have the netfilter patch that lets us account for traffic on the INPUT chain on a per user basis. This will mean we can set student quotas for all data, or maybe even simply subtract the ssh incoming traffic from their web quotas also.

I guess students will simply have to get used to using one machine to access the rest of the student systems, should not be hard for them and will stop the people abusing the system.

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Glad to be doing a ride again - 10:44
So I didn't get time to go out on the bike yesterday, finally this morning I was able to do a ride again (no rain to ruin components), although it was an easy ride (Bilbys wednesday morning bunch ride) it just felt good to be spinning the legs over again. The new ahead stem on a quill stem adapter on the road bike looks and feels pretty good (roox mtb stem, so now the fattest tube on the road bike is on the head stem, if I crash the road bike that will be the last component to break, or something), though on the whole the road bike needs a clean and some work to make it feel really good again. I swapped bikes to ride to work as I have my hardtail up and running again so I rode that to work.

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