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Thu, 09 Sep 2004

Still feeling kind of flat - 18:04
Tuesday morning I did the 65KM cotter/uriarra loop on the road bike. I at the time still had sore legs from the weekend, which was a shock as I have not had such sore legs for more than a day after an event previously. I suspect the cold hanging on to my body is partly to blame. It was fun though for once I had to actually put some effort in just to stay with the others. Wednesday morning I did not get out on the road bike with the Bilbys as per the norm due to heavy rain. This morning I rode through Majura Pines with Mike and Jez, saw Tanja and Mal out there too. Lunch today was a nice easy ride around the Mt Ainslie area, we will probably be doing some of those trails again tomorrow morning, though for longer and with more climbing. This morning was around 24KM, lunch was 18KM.

As for this weekend, I still have not decided if I want to compete in the two events, Saturday afternoon/evening is a CORC 3hour day/night race, Sunday is the ACTRA 6 hour cyclegaine (mountain bike navigation event, a bit like a 1 day Polaris Challenge) which I have been planning to compete in with Marea (same team we rode the Polaris this year). The weather forecast looks miserable and neither Marea or I are feeling in top form, it may be a good idea for me to relax a bit this weekend, after all my solo effort at the 2004 Mont Australian 24 Hour race is looming.

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Toys and locations - 11:34
Yesterday morning Tony, Mikal, Kristy and I did some visiting for lca. Looking at the venue we will hold the Professional Delegates networking session in, and visiting a toys and other such vendor crap (as Mikal likes to call it) supplier. Overkill is hardly enough I am sure, so having 4 of the lca crew visit works fine. The venue for the networking thing is pretty cool so I think we are happy with that. Officially Mikal is the guy doing vendor crap, and thus choosing the most off putting, bright, etc shirts he can for lca organisers to wear during the conference and dealing with the toys and such we give to delegates and speakers. Everyone else wanted to come along just to see the cool toys I am sure. Well Tony and I wanted to order some business shirts with the lca2005 logo which we intend to have for sale during the conference for delegates to purchase.

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Michael's comments on the five worlds of software development today. - 11:16
I have commented to MRD that the stuff this Joel on software guy writes is often pretty good. Michael made two comments I wonder about though. Letting paid developers working for big companies do polishing. Sure this I can agree with, however MRD adds "cross-platformness" to the list of polishing tasks. I suspect companies in general wont really work on this, whether it will be cross architecture or software platforms. A company will work on the platforms they ship, not on all platforms or architectures. This is something Linux does better than any closed system, it is fully supported on many many architectures. The interesting item to note is the commercial Linux distributions support far less architectures than Debian. And Linux is in theory a single software platform on any given architecture anyway (though Michael is possibly commenting on GNOME's ability to run on non Linux platforms also).

The next point of interest is where MRD talks about internal software that allows people in a company or development group to get the job done more effectively. If we reference back to the recent Paul Graham essay on Great Hackers he suggests a large company may be able to employ great hackers if they can work on this sort of project. Even if the software the company sells would not interest thee people, the intermediate software they may develop to allow all the other developers in the company to work better may be a good target for them. I suppose in referencing this and looking at the projects MRD talks about you can see some correlation between great hackers and the intermediate software, Samba, Apache, PHP, etc.

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Twelfth Night - 10:55
Last night I participated once more in a ritual of sorts my non cycling, non Linux, college friends and I do. We went to the current Bell Shakespeare play at the play house theatre in Canberra. I got them all interested in going to the theatre back in college (year 12 for those non Canberrans around) and it has stuck. We tend to see the Bell productions and about 4 other productions a year (we would see more but for lack of time and money and organisation for this sort of thing)

Anyway we have been doing this for around 8 years now, and seen a few different performances. The Bell production that came to Canberra earlier this year, "Servant of Two Masters" was absolutely brilliant, not Shakespeare, so different for Bell, however it was one of the funniest things I have seen in years. Last night was the current production of "Twelfth Night" and though it was good, something about the show didn't jibe with me. I didn't like the fools in this play, but it was not just that. I hope I am not getting too blase or anything about this, I hardly see my non cycling, non geek friends apart from these outings.

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