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Wed, 08 Dec 2004

Now I can be Maladjusted Black. - 16:56

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The first time I saw Mal riding around in a black Maladjusted jersey I was envious, I thought the black jersey rocked and wanted one of my own. Mal had sold all the black Jerseys though, and I was not particularly interested in a yellow, white or red Maladjusted jersey. Since that day around 3 years ago I have constantly pestered Mal to order more Black jerseys (yes I know I am obsessive compulsive...).

Mal's order of jerseys that included black was around 4.5 years ago, he again ordered jerseys from a different supplier about 1.5 years ago, a yellow example of which is pictured left. Apart from the fact none of these were black I prefer to use traditional cycling jerseys with three back pockets made from a shiny material.

Due to the above, I am sure you can understand how incredibly happy I am that Mal ordered and received more jerseys, once again made by hot designs so I know I am comfortable in the cut and fabric and this time there are black jerseys. Woohoo I know own a black Maladjusted jersey. Obviously small things to amuse small minds and all that applies here <g>.

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