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Thu, 17 Feb 2005

Mikal's bra - 19:17
News just in, lca 2005 crew member Mikal has just promised he will be wearing a sports bra during 2005 to show off his bustline.

[/lca] link

That house must have been doing at least 30 KMh. - 14:17
Another fun morning on the bike, once again, due to low mtb numbers on Thursday morning, I headed over to Woden at 5:30am this morning for the Southside bunch ride on the road bike. Followed by the Flat coffee ride with the AIS crew and a leisurely (I had been intending to go do another ride after coffee but that was called off, so more coffee time) coffee at the Purple Pickle.

So in the Southside bunch ride, as we pulled onto Adelaide Ave we were behind a truck with a house on it, for the duration of the time we were following it it punched a great big hole in the wind for us to draft and did a similar speed. Thus we (a bunch of ~ 40 cyclists) were drafting behind a house moving at 30 KMh. One of those moments that as Rove might say make you say "What the" when hearing about it.

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