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Tue, 14 Jun 2005

Leisure, or not enough of it - 22:13
So Michael's cropping of Jon's Hackergotchi reminded me I should write something about Jon's post the other day on Exhaustion. Last Tuesday Kottke had a link to a rather interesting article on why Crunch mode working is really bad in the long term.

All of this does tie in together, I promise. It surprised me to learn that Jon used to work over 100 hours a week pretty much full time. That really is not healthy. The article I linked to above points out that other (not computing related) industries have known for over 100 years how unhealthy it really is. Research by the US armed forces indicates your intellect suffers sooner than your endurance/strength, so work requiring correct answers coming out of your head will be hit first. Fortunately it seems Jon no longer goes about this silly work pattern, his current sleep issues are caused by his young son, a common ailment among new parents.

I have been thinking about the article a bit over the past week, and watching some of the things I am doing at work during the hours I am supposedly most productive compared to other times. I wonder how skewed my behaviour is with the fact I am usually awake from 5:30am every work day to go cycling.

[/leisure] link

My very own Hackergotchi - 15:15
Earlier today MRD mentioned he had added Hackergotchi support to Planet Linux Australia and requested that people email him their Hackergotchi and IRC nickname (similar to Planet Gnome).

I looked through a bunch of photos and eventually chose one taken of me at last year's Mont Australian 24 Hour race. I followed Wouter's instructions and made my own hackergotchi. MRD asked for them in 70x74, which did not quite fit with mine, so I have two, one in 57x74 and one in 70x90.

[/comp/internet] link

Monday 6 Peaks ride. - 11:41
As we tend to, the Bilbys had a peaks ride yesterday. For the first time we also included a Mt Majura option at the start. 07:30am from Dickson pool for Mt Majura, to meet up with everyone else at 08:30am at ANU for the rest of the peaks (Mt Pleasant, Mt Ainslie, Red Hill, Mt Stromlo and Black Mountain in that order).

I was taking the Mt Majura group so rolled up in the 0 degree Celsius temperature at the pool, Ron and Ella also rocked up for this first climb so we headed off. On the climb we came across James and Gary too. Running a few minutes late we met up with the others at 08:40 at ANU and all of us (about 25 riders) headed towards Mt Pleasant.

It was a fun, though tough day out, my form is still a fair bit down due to not having done as much riding as normal in the months leading up to lca, it probably does not help that my road bike at the moment is not as light and sprightly as the Lemond either. The extra weight however may have helped me get the top speed of the day, on the way down Ainslie. Next time I think we should include Mt Majura in the ride for all riders, not just as an option, it really is a nice climb, definitely easier than Ainslie.

I did not go out riding this morning, heavy rain last night, and I had to take my car to Fyshwick for post Kangaroo smash repair work. I rode the steel hardtail back to work from Fyshwick after dropping the car off. I will need to pick the car up before all the work is completed on Friday afternoon in order to drive Rob, Penny, Bec and myself up to Newcastle on Saturday for an 8 Hour mtb race on Sunday.

As some paint work is necessary for the roo repairs I am also finally getting the bonnet of the car painted properly to repair the problems arising due to a bodgy paint and lacquer job sometime in the past prior to our purchase of the car. I also need to get a 300,000KM service done on the car in the next few weeks, so it looks like an expensive few weeks of car ownership coming up. It is however worth it as it allows me to get to events and stuff out of Canberra.

[/mtb] link

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