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Thu, 20 Oct 2005

Will a person of a diachronic persuasion be wary of wild animals? - 22:24
You can see it now, someone wandering down the street their heads lost pondering the origins of the German habit of joining words together to create really long new words, do they reserve some small part of their minds to look out for rampaging lions, elephant stampedes or vicious Chihuahuas? (okay so I admit the segue at the start of this post was just an excuse to use the word diachronic)

A book I was reading contains a list of suggestions for "Ways of escaping attacks from wild animals (probably)". For example to escape from an unfriendly lion they suggest.

Wait until the lion is five feet away and then ram a large pair of step ladders down its throat.

From the tone of that I am sure you can see we need more hints and tips in this vein or we simply will not be safe from wild animals as we walk the streets having diachronic thoughts.

Thus I have a few contributions to the cause.

  • Chihuahuas: feed them to your snake.
  • Aliens: Abduct them, get in first.
  • Poo slinging monkies: far too cool to be wary of, give em some peanuts (thanks to Juzzy)
  • Poo slinging politicians (ie all of them): Nuke them from orbit.
  • A Grue: Run, scream, struggle, and die a horrific death or open the curtains to let in the sunlight

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The problem with having clean bikes - 22:05
So I cleaned my road bike and my hardtail mtb on Sunday, both needed it fairly urgently, the mountain bike had not been cleaned since before the WSMTB 12 hour race in early September, the road bike for even longer (they do not get dirty so easily). The drive train on the road bike was half replaced so cleaning the chain rings to go with he new cluster and chain was a good thing. The hardtail drive train is pretty much cactus now too, but I cleaned it and will continue using it for a while.

Anyway the problem I have now encountered, after cleaning both frames, components, other bits, etc is the bikes look too good and I am wary of getting them out in bad weather. It rained again today and I had my mountain bike sitting in my office at work, with the rather lovely paint job I have on that frame it really does look good. As soon as I ride in rain or even dust it will not be so shiny and nice looking.

I suppose this shows I am somewhat bike obsessed, that I could sit and stare at my own bikes when they look so good, the clean drive train on the road bike appears almost jewel like and I even chose to ride the mtb to work today so as to avoid getting the drive train on the road bike messed up.

Good news on the bike front is the hanger I needed for getting the rocky mountain rolling again arrived on Wednesday (along with a spare), thanks to Aaron for getting hold of these for me. I can now clean off the duallie, replace a few outers and cables (some are trashed anyway) and put it in the garage and avoid riding it due to it being too clean also.

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Reasons weight loss can be annoying - 11:19
So I have been heard from time to time uttering that I would like to lose some weight and get down to around 80 KG, I seem never to have mentioned this here, but hey some people have heard me say this. The primary reason being I suspect I can sustain that weight reasonably easily and it will mean I can climb a lot faster on the bike. Though considering how much riding I do, looking at the fact I have been approximately 88 KG for the last 3 years or so there is obviously some thought that has to go into the weight loss (or dieting maybe).

Anyway the Sunday night following the Mont I checked out my weight on the scales and was surprised to find I was 5 KG lighter than when I checked in the morning sometime a week before the Mont. Leading up to the Mont I was usually around 90 or 90.5 KG, even when checking in the morning (the time of day you are at your lightest, after waking up, or in my case after waking up and exercising for a few hours). After the Mont however I was, all of a sudden down to 85.5, at night too. With the plan of losing weight in order to climb faster this was a good thing, though surprising, I decided I had better hydrate well for a few days to ensure I was not dehydrated or anything, though as I had not competed in the race or done much strenuous for a while it was unlikely.

I thought I may as well work on keeping the weight loss going so I have been careful to eat less at all meals since then and it appears to be working as the last few mornings when weighing myself I have generally been around 84 KG, for the sake of cycling I hope I can indeed get down to around 80, however the problem I have encountered is my clothes fit even worse now. The main point of this post is to complain my clothes are all too big. I suppose at least my cycling clothing all still fits as it is Lycra style rather than baggy.

Sure pants and jeans and stuff purchased about 5 or 6 years ago have been too big to wear well for 3 years now, but the annoying thing is a pair of jeans I purchased about a month ago requires a belt to stay up now. I dislike wearing belts and thought I would be able to avoid them with this new pair of jeans, but noooooo I went and lost weight and have to wear a belt. Stupid weight loss. I also had difficulty sticking my tummy out and showing off a real beer gut when I tried to, so I am no longer a real Australian male or anything either due to lack of significant beer gut.

I will continue to work on this weight loss thing a bit as I really would like to climb faster and put in a much better performance in the three bike legs of the Triple Tri in a month (November 20th).

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They noticed we went quiet. - 10:53
Mikal just added to the blog entropy with his post about a work mate noticing how quiet some of us have been. I have to admit I was a little surprised when I saw there was only one post over night on ploa, I suppose this is, in part due to the fact Mikal has not been posting anywhere between 100 and 2^32 posts a day as he tends to when he is no sick and resigned and moving overseas and all that. I guess I have been a little busy this month also and have not really been making many posts.

I was however reading a rather interesting book last night that could be the source of many posts, however the book is at home so it will not be the source of posts until at least tonight.

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