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Thu, 30 Dec 2004

Pleasant long ride today - 22:45
This morning I met up with Mikey, Richard B, Allan B, Chris N, Marea and an Audax rider named Bob to go do the mostly flat 170 KM (176 in fact) federal, collector, bredalbyn, gunning (lunch), gundaroo, federal ride again. We kept a pleasant pace (average of 28.7) for the whole ride, though some silliness happened at times (chases, hill sprints, etc). The hamburger at Gunning was good, though as Mikey pointed out, after a long time in the saddle a shit sandwich would probably go down a treat so it maybe best not to take the word of a bunch of hungry cyclists on this.

Near the end of the ride I got a call and was told my car would not be ready as early as expected, the mechanic said the engine needs to be removed, and an axle or something, and something in the gear box needed fixing as well as the clutch. The unfortunate thing is Jane will still need to return the rental car on Monday and then somehow get back to Sydney, I will then also have to collect my car from Macksville (and get up there in he first place), oh well shit happens.

I just did some grocery shopping in Dickson by bike a few minutes ago, not too bad, though I still don't like locking any of my bikes up anywhere they could be stolen, I also bought just a little bit more than I can fit in my backpack so carried one bag with bread and fruit home too. I should probably do more shopping by bike anyway, it may force me to be more careful about not buying too much or impulse buying as I have to carry it all home in one backpack.

Anyway as usual, the Friday morning mtb ride tomorrow so I should head for bed.

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