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Fri, 31 Dec 2004

Bring in the new year mtb style - 22:26
Last year at around 11:30pm December 31st Mikey, Russ, Nick, Morgs and I went night riding through Majura Pines to bring in the new year on our mountain bikes. Champagne, Rum and Coke, Chocolate and single track fun were all had. Night riding, such as we do in the 24 hour race and other similar events is a great deal of fun, the fun of riding the first single track of the year was pretty good too. Mikey had first crash of the year too, living up to his nickname (Crash).

Anyway I am about to head over to Majura Pines to meet up with whoever else chooses to be there this year in order to see in the new year riding the mountain bike. Last year no one was overly keen on the champagne so today I grabbed a bottle of coopers pale ale to share around in plastic cups while out there listening to fire works and riding single track. This is obviously my last diary entry for the year too. Fun was had, and I am sure fun will be had next year too.

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Where I have been tounge twister style. - 21:25
Well, Andrew, Mikal and Michael did this create places you have visited map so I may as well also (yeah sheep that I am).

create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

On another note I saw a link to this page full of tounge twisters today, who knows they may come in useful one day, possibly as something different on conference badges at who knows.

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