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Tue, 01 Feb 2005

The only reason to reboot is a hardware upgrade. - 12:51
Mikal mentioned he only reboots computers when he has to, Mikal linked to a post by Scoble where Scoble says he doesn't find bugs in certain software or systems because he reboots his palm computer every day. Scoble said he learnt this was the best way to do things when working with System 7 Macs back in the 90s and he still does it with computers he works on today.

I would imagine Mikal and I are not the only people who find this behaviour incredible. There is no good reason to reboot a computer in my world view unless you have to do a hardware upgrade (such as replacing the entire computer). Okay admittedly you still need to reboot to upgrade the kernel (if an important kernel security fix must be applied), however that may change (though it is not a kernel developer priority currently). With hot plugging there are instances where you do not even have to shut down a computer to add new hardware or upgrade hardware.

As an example my previous desktop at work had an uptime of around 730 days, from doing an software image install until it was replaced with the new faster hardware we purchased for the next round of deployments. On that machine I currently have an uptime of 363 days. I use this computer every day at work for a whole variety of things, it does not sit in a corner gathering dust. If you need to reboot to avoid bugs, I would suggest using a less buggy operating system.

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Ani going for another Grammy? - 12:14

Front coverfull size

Backfull size

Sleeve offfull size

Lyric book/insidefull size
Ani's album Evolve won a grammy when it was released for "Best Recording Package". Basically for having a really cool jewel case and song book. It was of course not an actual Jewel case but something different.

The new album that was released 2 weeks ago, Knuckledown arrived in the mail early last week. I wonder if the rbr people are trying for another Grammy, well probably not trying, but who knows they may win it. I really like the new album case. The scribbles around the hand that move away when you slide the cardboard out, the different sort of song book inside, the look. All good.

As for the album, so far I like it alright, however I know from experience it usually takes at least a month of extensive listening to any new Ani album for it grow on me.

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