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Thu, 10 Feb 2005

At 9:09am learn how to use a knife to open a can of whupass. - 21:05
After opening CSIT N101 at work for the Programmers SIG I came home to do some more work on getting the replacement road bike up and running. I still need one or two bits I think. I don't really have much else to say, I spent more time today at work with Bob tying up some of the last few loose ends on the new Student Lab image for all the computers there. (120 Debian boxes) so I might as well throw some links up. Oh yeah another new house mate moved some stuff in today, she is still waiting for some more of her furniture so will move in for good next week, just one more of the three new house mates still to move in.

Metafilter had a link to a blog by some french guy, 09h09, in which he takes a photo of himself every day at 09:09am no matter what he is doing or where he is. He has been doing this daily since October 2002, that is a hell of a lot of dedication. I kind of like it too, the guy makes me think of Peter Wingfield a bit. It has me thinking, something some people (such as Heather Armstrong) do is make the effort to put a photo on their diary once a day. Martin Pool will often upload photos also, being an avid photographer and all that. Maybe I should upload more here, of course Alli, Andrew and others would simply argue I would just be feeding my diary addiction more.

Last Thursday Metafilter had a link to this site about Knife Skills for Chefs. I enjoy cooking, and my family and friends tell me I am reasonably good at it, however one place I would love to improve is in knife handling. Professional chefs can cut up vegetables in a fraction of the time the general public can. I guess it makes sense, I have skills in computing, cycling, skiing, etc that I spend a lot of time to maintain. As the site suggests, practising cutting vegetables helps a lot, and this site helps explain how to cut all manner of different vegetables most effectively so you get it right as you practice. That site is useful and links to some other stuff such as knife care.

Oh and for Heidi and Mike, I think maybe they should buy each other one of these T-Shirts next time they hand out a can of whupass.

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