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Sat, 12 Feb 2005

The replacement road bike - 21:05

Before (full size)

After (full size)
After Ben kindly leant me the replacement road bike, I stripped the frame down, and transferred all the bits from my bike to the new frame and forks. I had to buy a new bottom bracket as my cranks sat out a lot further on this bike than the cranks Ben had on there. I also had to buy the cable guides to go on the downtube shifter knobs as I have STI shifters. A new seatpost, the frame needs a 26.8mm seatpost, I had a 27.2mm post on my road bike, the post Ben had in there was sitting well beyond maximum safe extenstion (about 2 cm of post were in the frame) where Ben had it sitting.

The photos to the left are the before and after shots. I had a quick ride on the bike today, it really does feel very nice. The weight is about the same as my bike was (not much heavier), the frame size is almost perfect for me, the rake on the forks is a bit different so changes the handling slightly but it will not take long to get used to. I have to continue using Ben's front brake and front derailleur for now also as my own do not fit the frame or forks correctly, but it all works well and I am going to have some fun riding this until I can get my frame up and running again, who knows maybe I should just negotiate a price for the bike with Ben and buy it, having extra bikes and bike frames and such is a good thing.

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Better photos of the break in my road frame - 20:57

full size

full size

full size
After taking the rather blurry photos the other day I found a copy of my camera Manual online at the Canon website and worked out how to do macro photos with my camera. (it really is pretty damn easy) so I took some more photos of my frame (now with all the parts stripped off the frame) to show off the break in the chainstay.

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The Phantom was married on my birthday. - 20:35
The other day I was rereading Frew #634 Phantom, the wedding issue, when I noticed the date on the wedding invitations. November 24th, how cool is that, The Phantom was married to Diana on my birthday. This is I am entirely sure a small things please small minds occasion but what the hey <g>.

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