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Mon, 14 Feb 2005

What a wonderful descent - 18:51
I have whined about this a bit in the past, the ANU Student union food is far too expensive and pretty darn average. I needed something more to eat, and wandered over to get some hot chips, the price has gone up this year to AUD $4 for a bucket of chips, and they are not even good chips. If I instead hop on my bike and ride 3 minutes to O'Connor shops (which is close enough to home I could just get more food at home I guess) I can get hot chips from Flatheads Fish cafe at AUD $2.20 per serve, similar size serving, and fresh cooked and much tastier. This is yet another shining example of the ANU Union food being extremely over priced, it is a wonder students can buy anything there. In this instance I rode over to the shops.

Anyway on to cycling. I arrived at work around 8:30am this morning, dropped my bag and stuff and hopped back on the road bike for a climb of black mountain. Damn that is a nice descent, it is a shame it is over so quickly, but on a morning like this it is almost magical, descending the smooth road with the sun glinting off the lake to my right through the trees doing about 70kmh, ahh the joy of exercise and being outside. I finished off with a lap of the lake on the bike path just to spin out and get a more reasonable workout. Good to see the change of bike did not impact my climbing much, at a good (but not too hard) pace I still got to the summit in 12 minutes to the second according to my bike computer, which is a pretty standard time for me to climb black mountain.

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