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Wed, 16 Feb 2005

Riding on the train pants off - 22:51
I seem to recall Chris bought one of these radioshark things, search, no I stand corrected, he talked about getting one but there is not yet a Linux driver. Anyway BoingBoing had a mention of one today which reminded me what a great thing it would be. The majority of radio tuners available for computers are FM only, generally hooked up with a TV tuner card too. Martijn tracked down rather expensive isa or pci card a few years ago that could do both AM and FM and some other stuff and bought one. He then of course was hit by the problem of trying to receive AM in the noisy (lots of radio wave activity) environment of a computer case.

The reason AM is so important in my opinion is the ability to tune into Radio National and record shows you like (Tivo style) on the computer. There is some other great content on a few other stations in Australia that is (at least in Canberra) only on the AM band too. An FM tuner just is not interesting, so sure Triple J is fantastic and we are lucky to have it, but you can stream it from the net already, and other similar music from other Internet radio stations.

The radioshark gets around the inside computer interference by being external, it is not particularly expensive, now all we need is a Linux driver, an AM and FM radio tivo would be seriously cool.

Other random stuff to include in this post, I found this rather interesting document as an unrelated link in a google search the other day, "HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux", this was initially put together at OLS in 2002 in a BoF, good reading and it has some important points about what to think about if you are serious about encouraging women to become interested in Linux and participate actively in the community. Of my friends, Kristy Bennett and Alison Russell would probably both have some rather good comments on this also as they have both dealt with the atmosphere for a number of years.

Now on a completely unrelated note, to go rather well with the annual MoonAmtrack (mentioned previously) day is this link I saw on kottke this morning, The Fourth Annual No Pants! Subway Ride which as we all know is the sort of event Jeff Waugh either started or will be starting in Sydney any day now.

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