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Mon, 21 Feb 2005

Pickling, p123 and doing stupid things faster with more energy - 16:46
So I was looking around for a good She-Ra t-shirt, not for any specific reason, apart from noticing 80's Tees don't have a good one. I found one one some site but did not like it much, however on that site I saw a brilliant coffee mug.

This is the perfect mug for the likes of Matt Barr, Dave@ or Dave "Morgs" Morgan, their feats of silliness on mountain bikes are really quite alarming at times. Matt doesn't drink coffee though, shame on him for messing up the latest plan for world domination.

On planet Gnome this morning I saw some blog meme thing mentioned by John Fleck.

  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123..
  3. Find the fifth sentence..
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions..
  5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you..

As suggested, we "bloggers" are all lemmings so here is mine

The book is ISBN: 0954452909

The option is turned off by default because it causes problems in domains that have wildcard MX records.

This morning I mentioned to Nick (owner) and Adam (barista) at the Purple Pickle that rather entertainingly, if you search google for "Purple Pickle" the first hit is for sex toy, my own website gets hits 3 and 4 currently. Nick and Adam and the other staff are in the cafe business, not the website creation business. However Nick wondered why their website was not the first hit.

Lets see now, first off, until this morning I did not even know the cafe had a website. Secondly it is a mostly static site and really does not provide enough of what a popular website would need if you were aiming to have a popular website. The basic premise of this is to provide information that is interesting to people who may come by your site but is still related to your product. I thought I had linked to some article about this a while back, but could not find it from a quick search.

For example a cafe may put some articles about what to look for in good coffee, or coffee making, or information about different coffee beans. The same sort of stuff could be put online about their other products. More than just pricing of a few items, mostly static on the site is needed. However I had to admit it would be difficult to maintain a good website for a business sin this manner, especially when, unlike Tilleys and some other cafe's the Purple Pickle does not have regular events that would bring traffic back often, thus a lot of effort really would be needed to make their website a good destination for people on the web. And really when you think about it, this is not a core business, they have not lost any sales due to people not realising they have a website, so it is not a problem really. And heck if this is anything to go by, my mentioning the cafe website may well get into google, which seems to be the thing that Nick expected would happen magically as soon as they had a web presence (of course it doesn't, but explaining that would take too much time and effort).

Of course another thought on their site, there is bugger all text content, which makes it far more difficult for search engines to do anything with. Whoever they had make the site for them did the create a static site thing well enough, but has made it harder for it to ever get noticed.

[/various] link

Not as sunny bit still fun - 13:34

Towards Civic (full size)

Corner before the steeper section (full size)

Onto the steeper section, from handlebar height (full size)

After claiming how much fun and how lovely the descent off black mountain is last week, I thought I would take some photos today when I did it again before work. Alas it was not quite such a wonderfully sunny and inspiring morning, I still had a nice cruise around before work though.

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